Hi, I’m Will – the conversion copywriter based in Brighton, UK (…well, Hove actually)

I’m the black americano drinkin’, shoegaze band listenin’, Stoic philosophy readin’, hard gainin’, bike ridin’, MMA watchin’, podcast downloadin’, plant eatin’, cat lovin’, Meetup attendin’, conversion copywriter.



So, what is conversion copywriting?

Conversion copywriting is writing to persuade people to take a specific action. I make it easy for people to buy, sign up, subscribe or opt-in for your products & services – right now – and they’ll feel good about doing so.

That’s what great copywriting can (and should) do.



So who do I write copy for?

SME’s and online educators (mostly).



What I can do for you:

✔ Boost your conversion rates with heartfelt copy for more sign ups & sales.
✔ Write full sales copy funnel so that you can sell your products 24/7 with copy that does all the heavy lifting for you.
✔ Create full website wireframes & conversion driven copy to go with it so that you can hand it over to your designer/developer and get going ASAP.

How I got here

I never knew copywriting was a ‘thing’… 

Making a living from writing was a pipe dream. I just never knew how to go about it as being a journalist or novelist didn’t appeal to me.

It wasn’t until I found myself working at a web development agency in London (still not sure how that happened), I got to work with copywriters. And FINALLY, the ‘Aha!’ moment I’d been waiting for.

I quit my job, moved back home and started copywriting. I learnt through online courses, marketing books and years of hands-on experience. (IMHO, that’s the best way to get good at writing copy – fast.) 

Since then, I’ve completed 100’s of projects as I’ve teamed up with agencies, businesses and solopreneurs. And today, I’m still doing just that (and loving it).

So there you have it. That’s my story, one of the many things that makes me… me. Your story is yours, 100% yours. Competitors can copy your website’s style, colour scheme, logo and a lot more. But, they can’t copy your story.

That’s me.

Now it’s your turn.

Share your story. Be bold and show people how you can help them.
Write in your unique voice and watch what happens. 

(🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨 you’ll attract a lot more customers.)