Customer-winning copy needs a process

Relying on just “being a good writer” won’t cut it. Real revenue-boosting copywriting demands laser-like focus.

You need to know exactly where your customers’ heads are at, what their pain points are, what they really want… and of course, how to market your product as the clear go-to choice for the transformation they seek.

Here’s my process for doing just that…

1. The icebreaker & first meeting

Send me a message to tell me about your copy needs and I’ll get back to you within 1 business day. I’ll then send you a Calendly link to book a meeting with me should we sound like a good match.

We’ll kick things off via an UberConference meeting at your chosen time slot. This is where I’ll ask you some questions to learn more about your project and what you’re looking to achieve.

2. Follow up & proposal

I will send you a proposal to give you:

  • My thoughts and expectations for your project.
  • A quote.
  • A project outline and a list of deliverables that I will provide you.
  • My earliest available start date.

You will also receive a link to my Terms & Conditions for you to read through.

3. Kick off

Once you’ve given me the all clear to get started, I will send you a contract via DocuSign and an invoice for 100% of the 1st milestone or 50% of the project amount.

After your contract is signed and the invoice is paid, we’re on. Your place with me is secured and I’ll get to work. I may book a second call for us to dive deeper into your project before I get started.

4. Research

I’ll research for your project using my own methods plus any resources you have available to share with me.

Over our previous meetings, I will have taken the following information into account to guide my research:

  • Company background
  • Buyer persona
  • Your offering
  • The competition.

5. The first draft

My first draft of copy will be shared with you via Google Docs (unless agreed otherwise). I always aim for a hole in one, and I frequently get it. However, if you’re not over the moon with my first draft, no problem. The next step takes care of this.

6. Revisions

I offer two rounds of revisions for the milestone/project (if needed). So if there’s something you weren’t too sure about, I can make two rounds of revisions at no additional cost.

I keep the revision process simple: once my first draft is shared – you can use Google Drive’s comment feature to highlight any parts you would like me to change.

Email me once you and your team have finished leaving comments and then I’ll make a round of revisions. (Please note that all revisions must be in line with the initial scope we agreed upon in the contract.)

7. Good to go!

With your revisions made, the glorious, conversion-driven copy is all yours to publish. Nice and easy. Testimonials are always welcome and I hope we stay in touch (…or at least become friends on LinkedIn). 

Got a project in the pipeline?