Copywriting services

for online educators

Copy that compels and converts at every stage of your customer lifecycle.

Website copy


Need a one-off landing page or a whole new website wireframed with lead magnets, pop-ups, and landing pages filled with copy that swiftly moves your customers from A to B? You’ve found the right copywriter.

I help companies create conversion-driven marketing materials to strengthen your offering, positioning you as the clear go-to company in your industry.

✔  Website copy & wireframes

Long-form & short-form landing pages

Downloadable content (lead magnets etc.)

A/B testing & conversion rate optimisation

Email marketing


Email marketing turns “freemium” users into paying customers when done right. I’ll create campaigns that help customers reach the “Aha” moment they’re searching for with tailored campaigns. There is no “one-size-fits-all.” I’ll dig into your business to create a campaign that says the right thing at the right time.

Onboarding campaigns

Drip & nurture campaigns

Sales funnels


The game has changed: you don’t need a website to sell anymore. You can direct your audience straight to a customised sales funnel to win more leads and sales for your product/service. Mix customer-winning copy with a proven sales funnel to stop missing opportunities and grow your audience fast. 

✔ Sales funnel copy

✔ Full sales funnel build using ClickFunnels

Got a project in the pipeline?

Here’s how we can do it.

Single copywriting project

Build the website. Launch the sales funnel. Unleash the email campaign. We’ll follow the process above to create a customer-winning project. One and DONE.

Should you need more copywriting work from me down the line – give me a nudge. You know where to find me.

Retainer agreement

Got a mountain of work but you don’t have time to write a job spec and flick through 100+ CV’s to recruit an in-house copywriter? Get the help you need, minus the headaches and costs that come with recruitment.

A retainer gives you a set amount of hours/days from me each week.